La Chiva loca Jr

The minutes that usually takes to deliver!

We serve up an “everyday escape” for guests to luscious simplicity in an inviting and lively atmosphere. our restaurants have become hidden gems where locals gather with friends and family for great food, drinks, and heartfelt hospitality.

Customers Testimonials

Nice comfort food. Great price a delicious comida..
Homer Gomez
1st time eating here and all i have to say is that this is the spot for tacos de canasta and carne en su jugo, it was 💣💣!! Overall customer service and food are really good👌👍
Cindy Bautista
Everything is super delicious ... the taste took me to Guadalajara with those authentic TORTAS AHOGADAS
Elizabeth Sanchez
New gem in uptown Whittier the food was yummy 😋 and the staff was very friendly
Eric W. Karpynec
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